If you’re looking for 1 simple strategy to help you hit and then exceed your sales forecast, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Now if you’re one of those sales folks that knows it all, seen it all, done it all, and have mastered every possible sales strategy that has ever exsisted and then some, maybe this is for you too!

I’ll give you more than 1 simple strategy, how about 123 simple sales strategies to help you achieve greater sales success? If one don’t get it, then one of the 123 has got to help, or I’ll give you your money back! My new book; Closing Time! 123 Simple¬†Strategies to Achieve Greater Sales Success, comes out June 2012. Preorder and save $2.00 + FREE shipping and I know you sales pro’s like free stuff! Just go to my publishers site and pre-order: www.henschelhausbooks.com you will be able to order from my site in the real near future.

Give it a try, you can’t go wrong!

Every professional sales person needs a little motivation, ideas and reminders to help them achieve their goals and forecasts.

The Sales Development Pro

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