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Motivational Keynote Speaker

When given the opportunity to work with you and your people my purpose will be to enthusiastically motivate and inspire your people to give their best and be their best, for greater success both personally & professionally. Through my inspired messages and stories, I will help you have a great and rewarding experience at your next conference or sales meeting. Don’t wait contact me now with any questions you may have at: 1.414.531.7859 anytime!

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Together we can Make A Difference On Purpose

  • Larry’s Law of Encouragement; The Five Keys to Becoming an Encourager and Team Leader (Motivational-Team Building)
  • Let’s Talk Sales! The 6 Things You Simply Must Master for Greater Sales Success and Faster Results (Sales Motivational), (Book)
  • A Time for Change; The 5 Principles for Managing Change Effectively and Faster, Always Giving Change a Chance (Change & Motivational)
  • How to Stay Highly Motivated Know Matter Your Situation; The 5 Keys That Can Help You Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life (Motivational)
  • Making A Difference on Purpose; See it, Seize it, Change it, The 4 Steps to Intentional Living (Motivational), (Book)



Larry Cockerel on Transformational Leadership

Larry Cockerel on Transformational Leadership


Larry’s Signature Motivational Keynote Programs:

  • Everyone has a Mountain to Climb; See it, Face it, Learn from it, Conquer it! “The Cancer Fighting Specialist” A Cancer Survivor ‘s story and how it can inspire your people to face life’s challenges and win! (Inspirational, Motivational), (BOOK)

Motivational keynote Cancer Speaker

  • Unconventional Thinking in Unconventional Times is the Difference Maker; The 7 Keys to Winning in Unconventional Times (Motivational, Leadership)



Larry S. Cockerel, the “Expert” on Making a Difference On Purpose! 

I’ve had the privilege to work with, motivate and educate groups from coast to coast, by using my humor and enthusiastic driven attitude, to help motivate people to be their best. Allow me to help you create a great experience for your people at your next event.


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