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Larry’s Signature Message | Making A Difference On Purpose! (Motivational Keynote)

Larry’s VIP Corner:

“Very Important Points”
1. Value yourself through self-development-daily. Resolve to be a “life study” stretching yourself, growing your potential and maximizing your time daily to read, mentor, teach, learn and grow!
2. Value others daily by making daily deposits. When becoming a person of value that values others, you become more valuable in your markets, to your organizations, family and everyone you connect with.
3. Make your contribution greater than your reward. Stick to your purpose, your mission and your vision. The greater the contribution you make the greater the rewards that will follow.

Larry’s Law of Five:
1. Add value to others daily
2. Work my “PGP” Personal Growth Plan daily
3. Develop products and resources daily to add more value
4. Live my Legacy daily
5. Spend quality time with those I love daily

My “Law of Five” helps me to live my purpose daily; “To live a happy, fulfilling, faithful and thankful life daily”

Larry’s Legacy Statement:
“To live my life caring about others, adding value to myself and others and making a difference on purpose.”

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