Larry and Debbie

His friends call him the “Change Guy” because he’s always giving change a chance! Larry works with you and your team, helping them in

crease their potential and results. He specializes in Leadership, Sales, Change and Team Building. Larry has worked with teams all over the planet on these topics for over 15 years.

Larry is also the author of four books that can be associated with some of his programs by request and he always makes sure at all events no matter if it’s a Keynote or Workshops that he leaves a few books behind as gifts for participation.

Two of his books are on what cancer taught him and his wife about life and facing change and obstacles that just seem to come our way, and how best to work through them and be a winner when reaching the other side. Larry will inspire and motivate your people to face their opportunities in life with a better attitude on the lessons he learned through his cancer journey.

Your Life MattersLarry’s newest book is Your Life Matters; Lessons on helping people live their best life at home and work for the best life balance you can achieve. When your people are living a better life they are more productive, reduce days off and are happier employee’s over all. Team work and communication improve, and best of all your customers experience!

Larry believes you must have fun while learning and facing change and disruption within your industries and associations. Times are changing and Larry wants to help your people face change with optimism and excitement. When working with your people or clients you can count on interaction, life stories, laughter and learning lessons, plus great take-a-ways!

Contact and check availability for booking dates. You’ll find when working with Larry; he always starts and ends on time, flexible, easy to work with, and that you can count on him to work with you in a very professional and timely manner. Let’s have fun and make a difference on purpose with your people and or clients for Speaker Bureaus and Meeting Event Professionals.

Larry offers: Keynotes, Breakout/Workshop Sessions, Half and Full Day Interactive Training Sessions


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