Topic: Signature Sales Motivational Keynote

Selling TimeSelling Time! Strategies to help Your Team Gain More Sales, Customers, Profits, Referral Partners, Made Simple and Easy –  No Matter The Level of Sales Professional. Young, Old, Somewhere In-between, Newbie, Back In the Game Thing, Let’s Talk Sales With Your Team – Game On!

High energy, motivational, Interactive, full of Strategies, Tips, Great ideas, Stories, Humor and Created to Help Your Sales Team Hit the Streets with Their Game On, Ready for The Challenge, Inspired to Achieve More and Have Fun While Developing More Customers and Results. (Companion Book; Selling Time)

Topic: Unconventional Sales Strategies

 The Sales Development Pro | Unconventional Sales Strategies Sales Training Workshops and Seminars that can add value and help your sales people build more business and results faster! Larry Cockerel, Sales Training Specialist can help your sales team increase their potential and results, through interactive sales training workshops that focus on the 6 key areas that every sales professional faces.

  1. Social Media and Sales (Sales Strategies and Techniques)
  2. Roadblocks that Slow You Down (Overcoming Obstacles)
  3. Overcoming Objectives (Moving Through the Process)
  4. Developing Your Key 3 Pipelines for Long-Term Results (Prospecting)
  5. Communication and Asking the Right Questions (Presentation Skills)
  6. Managing Your Time for Greater Returns (Time Management)

Do you want more sales? Sure you do, then let’s get together and make a difference on purpose with your sales team!


  • How are your sales people doing merging social media and conventional sales strategies?
  • Is it fair to say, to increase your Q2C Ratio, you must first know where you are and draw a line in the sand and begin with a new plan?
  • Sales training isn’t something you do once a year for an hour, or every other year, wouldn’t you agree it needs to be an investment in your greatest asset (Your People) and your future customers, maybe monthly?
  • Would it be worth your time to talk to your sales team on how to increase the amount of prospect touches and turning that time into receivables?
  • I want someone that can really motivate my sales people to get better and stay positive when things are slow, is it possible?

I can help answer all these questions and more, sales is what I do!

Invite Larry Cockerel to work with your sales team and motivate your sales people at your next conference. Allow unconventional sales strategies make a difference on purpose with your people!

  • Conditioning Yourself for Greater Sales Success
  • How to Win More Deals and Retain More Customers
  • The 6 Key Areas Everyone Sales Person Faces
  • The 5 Things You Simply Must Do to Achieve More Sales Results Faster

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