1. Stay true to your passion, that one thing that excites you when you get up in the morning, that area that defines your strength zone. Your passion will engage your best results and create that enthusiasm that will drive your success. Once you know where your passion lies, don’t stray, stay focused, don’t let anything hold you back, learn to let-go of certain things to make room for what you need to keep your passion alive.

2.Live your life enthusiastically, and look for the good in all situations and the people you meet and know. It’s the people you’ll meet that can be a positive influence in your life and the books you’ll read that will help to make a difference in your future su ccess. You never know how far a relationship can take you. A good book that adds value is like a good friend looking after you, enjoy them both and learn to be thankful for each.

3. Your personal growth plan is critical to your future success at home, at work, with your relationships and in all areas of your life. Remember living is a gift, how have you enjoyed your gift of life. The better you get at the things you do best will only achieve greater returns. If you’re done growing then you’re done living. Bob Dylan say’s; if you’re not living your dieing. Your personal growth plan is all about growing, reading, listening, connecting, learning and relearning, caring and contributing. It’s truly a givers gain world that we live in, no one can do it by themselves.

4. Learn the discipline to “Let-Go” of things daily; as you know life is lived daily, the toughest thing about living is that it's done one day at a time. You only change when you change things that you do daily, but it’s hard to change daily if we don’t learn to let-go of things such as; bad & good habits, routines that get us no where (Looking as if), old ways of starting the day, attitude issues, expectancy mindsets, taking versus giving, not listening and implanting new ideas, bad daily time management (doing things that are not leading us to accomplish our daily tasks) and there are many more, once we learn to let-go we then can open the door to our new ideas and objectives that will lead us closer to our definite goals and vision.

5. Live your life daily with an attitude towards being; thankful, thoughtful and faithful. Have a conversation with the person in the mirror more than you might like, it’s hard to pull the cover over that person. Live your life as if tomorrow is the start of another great vacation, we seem to get a lot of things done when we know the reward is right around the corner. Then ask yourself this very important question; what do I want to be remembered by, what is my life statement the words that will be said about me once I’m gone, then live that life daily. Don’t stray!