It’s your time! Yes it is, and I have one simple question that can change your life, if you up to the challenge, are you?

Life is all about change, because everything is changing very second of every day, no holding back, you’re changing, I’m changing, the world around you is changing. The key to all this change is how am I changing with it? This one simple personal growth question I have for you can help you with the change, your personal growth, your happiness, success, relationships, business, future and your legacy. Yes you got it, all that!

You ready? All you have to do is listen to this video, maybe more than once, very short and direct, and trust me I say, simple, but it’s really deep and challenging, I hope you can handle it!

Let’s get you going, you’ll need to write it down, post it on your wall, put it in your notes in your smart phone, keep it with you every day, everywhere. it’s only 2 words, but 2 words that can change your life and make a difference on purpose. My gift to you.

What’s Missing? This 2 word question can change your life, help you to become happier, more successful personally and professionally. This question can change you, challenge you, lift you, redirect you, help you, and move you in new directions, purpose and attitude. Change with your thoughts on responses to this question, pull in those in your life, business and inner circle, the change awaits them also. Change is Okay!

Larry Cockerel, inspire and motivates, book Larry for your next conference as the Keynote Motivational Speaker or for your next Professional Development Day. Larry work with people and organizations helping them to increase their potential and results. He connects, engages, has fun and adds value with your people.

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