I say fight not flight and keep fighting for your right to live life aggressively and thankfully. As a "Cancer Fighting Specialist" fight the good fight for life is a key attitude for those with cancer and any other life threatening disease. I've found that the right attitude, a good and positive attitude about the "Big C" is key to the journey. Don't get me wrong it's some scary stuff, not an easy ride, painful mentally and physically at times and not what I wish on my worst enemy.

But the right attitude, some good ole' fashion, "I can do it", "I can get through it" stuff is what it's all about. The flight option can cross your mind, the "I can't handle this" attitude can slip in on you if you're not watching the front door of your mind. it's easy to deposit negative thoughts just as it's easy to deposit positive thoughts, it's a choice. Now I can share these thoughts with you because I've walked the hallways to my radiation treatments and sit while the chemo ran through my system. But I choose to fight not flight, fight not give up or give in to the cancer. Sometimes when I share it may sound simple, but the fight wasn't easy and it may never been done, the battle will always be on, in my mind, my future exciting picture and my passion to encourage others.

I've created six reasons to keep living and enjoying your gift of life. The book will be out soon, I want it to be a gift of hope and encouragement to others. If you were going to share your story what part of the process made the biggest difference to your decision to fight or flight?

Mine was my attitude towards life and what awaits me, the opportunities to make a difference. What about you?