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How to Pick a Winner; 3 Simple Strategies for Winning with Your Client
How to be the “Difference Maker”; 3 Simple Sales Strategies that Work

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What’s Larry reading? How am I growing today? By reading, learning, relearning and connecting with others. I highly recommend investing in these books ASAP! Go now to, don’t waste any more time. Click the image or the title for more information.

Larry’s new book; It’s not about cancer, it’s about you-my book on what cancer taught me about living my gift of life NOW! my book was created to help others along their journey in life, by offering hope and encouragement when facing your giant.

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My friend and business partner’s new book; The Backpack Diaries, Traci Bogan shares her story about her travels around the world, helping people discovery their dreams and making a difference everywhere she goes. A must read, so good it put’s you in the place, wonderful discriptions.

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 Thinking for a Living; Creating Ideas that Revitalize Your Business & Career & Life

Author: Joey Reiman
Publisher: Longstreet Press, Atlanta, Ga.

“This book really opened my mind to a new way of thinking regarding creative ideas and marketing, this is a must buy.”

 The Laws of Lifetime Growth; Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past

Authors: Dan Sullivan, Catherine Nomura
Publisher: Berrett- Koehler Publishers, Inc. San Francisco, Ca

“This book forced me to think about how I live my life both personally and professionally. Always make your purpose greater than your money, think about that for awhile.

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 How to Identify Master and Conquer Change; Uncovering Your Hidden Opportunities

Author: Robert Ian
Publisher: Handbooks for Success, New Glarus, Wi

Robert created a book that really makes you think about mastering change in your life. When he went into hidden opportunities, I’m thinking what and where, this got me searching deep within.”