We have arrived, the New Year is here, can't wait to see what lies ahead of us, the opportunities, the challenges, the dreams to come true. I can't wait to see all that's going to go down from Health Care Issues, Terrorist, Weather, Floods, Snow storms, the North Pole melting, the Homeless, Veterans returning home, Cancer cures, new books to read, new people to meet, new presentations to give. This year is going to be a blast, it's like we're at the train station the conductor just tore the ticket and we're off and moving up the tracks. Some might say down the tracks but not me as a motivational speaker you got to think up not down!

The arrival only lasts a few hours, like 24 then we're off to the next day, week, month, Spring, Summer Fest, Labor Day, Thanksgiving then more snow again, let me slow this train down, I still have snow to shovel today. I need to live in the present right? The NOW, not next Winter. This New Year will bring many opportunities for us all IF we look for the good, praise the good in others, direct our thinking in a positive mindset, yes this year will be a blast.

I'll search out new clients to add value too, new programs that will inspire others for greatness, new sales strategies to help sales professionals make more money and new relationships. New concepts and ideas on self-motivational behaviors, new contacts to help connect to others. As the "Success4u Networker" my job is to help connect others and networks as a "Hub". As the "Encouragement Guy" my drive is to add hope and "Inspire Action" as the "Sales Development Pro" my mission is to help people and organizations maximize their potential, boy do I have many hat's to wear! Life is good, as a "Cancer Survivor" my mission is to add value, hope and encouragement to others to keep living and giving.

Yes we have arrived, but only for a few hours (24) then we're off and moving, each station allowing us the opportunity to add value to others and inspire change for the better. I hope that our tracks will cross and we can help each other along life's journey. Please let me know how I can add value to you this year in 2010.

Best wishes for a thoughtful, thankful and faithful year ahead of you!

Signed: The Encouragement Guy!

My mission is your success!