On November 17, 2011 you invited me to share my program; Larry’s Law of Encouragement; The Three Keys of Encouragement and Winning with People, which was a true honor and pleasure. That day I made a challenge that when you leave the program that you will allow the “C.I.A.” the “Three Key’s” to help you encourage others and win with more people at work as well as at home. Everyone wants and needs encouragement, and just in case you forgot, the video will help you get back on track, I know that once you leave the conference and get back to your busy schedules you most likely may have forgot about Larry and how the C.I.A. can help you win with more people, so here you go!

This program, “Larry’s Law of Encouragement” is great for team building events, sales conferences and interactive workshops and keynotes. Most all of my programs are interactive, engaging and challenge you to change and develop so that you can live a better life. Thank you again MPI, Wisconsin for the opportunity to share and add value.

Please let me know what I can do for you and your clients in the future, my mission is to serve, add value and inspire change!