There is nothing better than a great meal at your favorite resturant, an evening out with your mate, a "date night", time with your children, an achievement at work, writing a book, and sharing a program that helps to make a difference and inspires those in the room to want to act, change and improve!

My mission is to offer hope and encouragement to everyone I meet and add value where the value counts, the bottom line!

I've found that people (professionals) want to get better, have fun and connect with others and as a professional speaker and training specialist that's my duty. And darn-it that's what I do! In a fun and engaging method. I don't want to be labeled a boring speaker, just a guy on a mission to help the process, and the mission.

Recent conference on team building, goals and time management. The three connect well, they add to each other. my parnter on the Goals Mastery program Traci Bogan,