If my life was surrounded by playing in a cardboard brown box all day, I wouldn't have to be told to "think out of the box" my day would be in and out of the box. What a life Peanut has, we work all day she plays all day, what's with this picture? A lesson to be learned I believe, and the lesson is as follows; don't think out of the box, get out of the box and play with your ideas, have some fun, take some risk, tear the box up while you're at it, she does.

All I have to do is throw a box on the floor and it's like a mouse on the loose, Peanut comes a running and "BAM!" she's in the box, out of the box, tearing the box up, it's awesome. I wish I could move in and out of my daily box as easy as Peanut does, if I did my mind would be moving a million miles per hour, my energy would at full force, no one would ever say to me, think out of the box, hell I'm playing in the box, I'm having fun, I'm creating, running around the box. the box is no longer my limitations but my playing field, where I grow and create.

Peanut is just but a cat with a great personality, thinking out of the box, thinking in the box, on top of the box, under the box and all around the box. This is the lesson I learned this weekend watching this cat work the box, not just think out of the box, she worked the box, and I could tell she was having fun while working, what a concept!

What lessons have you learned from your kids (pets) that can be life changing for work as well as home? My and Peanut's challenge to you is don't just think out of the box, think in it, on top of it, under it, all around it, get creative with your thinking and playing and by gosh have fun while thinking!