Developing Your Competitive Edge and Increasing Your Sales Results

Your competition, your sales professionals and  very organization has it- a competitive edge!

It is what it is, you can’t change it, no sense in fighting it, worrying over it or even trying to out do them, that’s all just a good waste of selling time and energy. I believe the best thing we can do regarding the competition is to learn from them, grow out of them and increase your potential because of them!

Have you ever felt like you where being attacked just when you’re soaring at great heights, when here comes one of your competitors trying to out do you, low ball your proposal or just out right attack your abilities, skills or integrity?

If so, no worries, let them fly right on by, the prospect will know who’s the most trustworthy, playing fair and who has the greatest value and sincere concern for them and their business. Don’t think your prospects or customer don’t know what and who’s best for them in the long haul. Those dirty playing competitors don’t last long in the big picture in today’s world of sales. So how can you develop your competitive edge? Read on…

5 Ways to Developing Your Competitive Edge:

  1. Do your very best to always be first and upfront, don’t think they don’t know or can’t smell out a fox in sheep’s clothing!
  2. Always make your purpose greater than your reward; always make it about the prospect or customer, they will know if you’re counting the dollars in your mind and watching the clock!
  3. Trust is the single greatest competition killer, always be trust worthy, show them that they can count on you after the deal is done!
  4. Show sincere concern for your prospects and customers, they will know who’s after the deal or the long-term value added and solution providing relationship! Always take it to new heights, go beyond the sale.
  5. Never put yourself in the picture of your customers life, always listen, learn and contribute. Never make the meeting about you or your life, stay with them, always make your contribution greater than your pay!

I hope you’ll find this information helpful to you, no matter what you do, what you sell you have competitors. You may think you don’t, but don’t be a fool, if you have it someone else can produce it! Don’t fall prey to this stinkin- thinking!

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The Eagle picture is used by permission only, copyright of professional photographer Frederick Thorne of Wisconsin.