Understanding What Your Buyers Want: Sales Development

Understanding What Your Buyers Want, they don’t want to be sold your product or service as much as they want to be sold on what it does for them. makes them feel, look and do and what it does for their customers.

The “Don’t Sell Me” Mindset is a simple strategy that can help many sales professionals win more customers, make more deals and give the buyer what they really want!

The 5 Simple Don’t Sell Me Statements:

  1. Don’t Sell Me Clothes | Sell Me attractiveness
  2. Don’t Sell Me Shoes | Sell Me feet that feel comfortable
  3. Don’t Sell Me Drills | Sell Me a new deck to entertain my friends
  4. Don’t Sell Me Books | Sell Me knowledge, Entertainment
  5. Don’t Sell Me Insurance | Sell Me peace of mind

Sales is an exciting and challenging art to be enjoyed and shared. The Sales process is full of strategies, ideas and proven techniques that do not all connect with every Sales Professional. There ‘s always got to be choices in life as well as business. Think on these sales statements, they make since because it’s fact. You’re a customer, you are the buyer, think about your next purchase, what did you really buy?

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