The 7 “Must Knows” Before You Make Your Next Sales Call:

Here’s what I know, with all the Social Media paths of communicating that is at our finger tips today, the “Sales Call” has still got to be at the highest form of connecting with your prospect or customers. You can’t replace that real voice on the other end, the live connection, the ability to ask questions and listen, the ability to begin the “Relationship Journey”!

So I give you The 7 “Must Knows” Before You Make Your Next Sales Call:

  1. Know how you will open the call; don’t wing it, step-up to be different and standout in the crowd!
  2. Know key information about your prospect, customer, their industry, company, people and vision!
  3. Uncover specific key issues and needs they may be facing!
  4. Have evidence that you have results you have achieved for others!
  5. Identify common ground or contacts!
  6. Set specific call objectives, don’t just try to sell them over the phone!
  7. Know how you will close the call to set up for your live meeting!
The 7 "Must Knows" before You Make That Sales Call

The 7 “Must Knows” before You Make That Sales Call

Social Media, Websites, Google all these can help you uncover and discover what you need to do to build the deal and the relationship, but the Sales Professional in you prepares for the win-win, through Sales Preparation. Think on these 7 “Must Knows” before You Make That Sales Call, and develop your plan of action hen work your plan.

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