The Not-So Secret to Successful Presentations:

As a Sales Training Specialist and Business Strategist, I’ve found myself in many conference rooms for presentations with sales and business professionals. As a simple guy from Arkansas, I like to keep business simple for me as well as the audience or attendees of a conference.

In this postings I’m here to share the “Not-So Secret” to Successful Presentations, but very seldom mastered. Why you maybe asking? I think many speakers, trainers or presenters are on the platform presenting for the wrong reason and that’s to be heard and seen other than finding ways to add value and make a difference. Not meaning to sound critical, but I’ve been there in my own life and have seen it so many times. The speaker starts late, goes over time, strays away from their original message, thinking they are helping but instead confusing.

So here’s the “Not-So Secret” to Successful Presentations:

Always make the presentation about the people not about you. How? Make the presentations less about Power Point overload, less about you and all your successes, and make it about the message, the purpose and make it interactive. The best is by allowing for open Q&A, like a Mastermind session, have someone on the floor helping with the Q&A, keep the ideas and experiences  flowing less from you the presenter, but more from the audience.

Sales and Business Professionals like to share, honk their horn, tell stories, they want to lead, so allow the magic to happen. Remember through all this, you have a time to stay within, you have a key message to deliver, you have a commitment to add value and to give the attendee’s something to leave with that can help them in their personal and or professional life.

The magic in successful presentations is in the open flow of sharing ideas, successes, failures and best practices. Even through you are hired to come in and be the expert and present, you should never think you are the smartest person in the room! The secret is in the ingredients, the whole, not just one!

Larry Cockerel on The Magical ingredient to Success

Larry Cockerel facilitating a Let’s Talk Sales Mastermind Session with a room full of professionals, where everyone’s ideas and questions count!

If you would like to hire Larry for your next conference as a Motivational Keynote Speaker or Sales Training Specialist for your Sales Team or Leaders, just contact us for the details. Let’s make a difference on purpose for your people!