A simple tale of the beginning of a sales guy. We all got a story, we all remember that moment we were meant for sales, right?

Larry Cockerel on The 3 “E”s of Sales Leadership

I know this, if you deal with people, you’re in sales!

Yes, I remember that time, back in my earlier days, when something happened deep inside me, the light went on, my purpose was written in the sands of time- sales!

From that moment forward I knew my way, my roadmap to success; help others get what they want and be first at it!

That was truly the key to all sales success; help others, be your best, trustworthy and if all possible be first. It all happened one early morning on the school bus on my way to my 6th grade homeroom class, with a bag of bubblegum, want to know the real story? Well then just listen, learn and laugh with me!

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