The Buyers Gap and Your Sales Development begins with reducing the gap through your service, value, benefits and solutions. In every buying situation there is “The Buyers Gap” it’s up to the sales professional through their skills, benefits and the value they bring to reduce the gap, build the trust and serve the customer. This is how you win more sales, results and success!

Listen to Larry Cockerel, Sales Training Specialist talk briefly about “The Buyers Gap”and your Sales Development. Larry believes all Sales Professionals can learn to reduce the Gap, build more sales, results and development their sales potential!

Sales Tips with Larry Cockerel, Sales Training Specialist

Sales made simple when you master the art of reducing “The Buyers Gap” adding value, and simple solutions and benefits. Larry Cockerel works with sales professionals to help them development more results and success through sales training, coaching and motivational sales seminars, speaking at your conferences or sales workshops.