It was Friday April 16, 2010 traveling home from an all day sales training/coaching session, maybe not more than 20 minutes from the pad that the "Now" kicked in. The question I must ask first is this; how many vehicles will be in your parade?

On this day I came across a funeral parade of about nine vehicles other than the first three key units. Then the question came to mind, how many vehicles will behind me when my number is called, when my ship rolls in? Will it be a short line or a long line, is nine good, to many or not enough? Then my next thoughts are am I doing enough, giving enough, sharing and adding enough value to add the number of vehicles of those that will parade with me?

I know this is sounding a little strange from a motivational speaker, Mr. Encouragement, but it was real, the light went on, that "aha" moment. Am I living my legacy, am I adding value, encouraging change and making a difference? What will others say when my number is called? Will people remember me and the things that I've done, will I leave something that can be used year after year? My legacy is now, not tomorrow, not when it's to late, I must live and give and make a difference now and everyday. What about you? What will your legacy be? How many vehicles will be in your life parade?

Last Friday woke me up, made me start thinking even deeper about what am I doing, how am I living, it's time to get back to the drawing board. It's time to rediscover my passion, my business, my vision and mission in life while I can. I want that line to be long and take a long time. I want the police blocking the lights, people waiting at the lights to say stuff like, that person must have been important, or made a difference in those people's life. My legacy is now, I can't wait and waste time, I must get to work making a better me to offer more to my clients, more value to my training programs, more encouragement and hope for others. What did your last Friday do for you? Was it just another week coming to an end, a Friday Fish fry, or was it a tipping point for you to make new changes to your life vision and mission?

The fish fry is okay too, but Friday is never the end of the week it's the beginning of the weekend, so get to work, have fun, an discover what your legacy will be, what others will remember you by. Make sure that your parade ride home will be a long slow trip, with all those people taking about you, smiling, feeling good and thinking "wow" ______________ was great, will be missed yes, but not forgotten!