Looking out the window for opportunities, like birds and things I can't get too, plus it's to cold says Peanut. Lessons from a cat again, yes, there is so much to learn just by observing, watching and listening. I've found that the more I observe Peanut the more I learn about leadership. I know it sounds a little funny, or maybe just plain weird. But I'm from the south and you know what they say about people from the south? You got it, we talk funny, had you there didn't I?

Here is our lesson on living like a kid (cat) for today. Sitting quietly, observing, listening and watching for something to come by the window of life's opportunities, this is what this is all about. As I watch Peanut just sit, timelessly, no movement, ears up, staring out the window hoping to see something that she can think about getting, eating, who knows. She can sit for hours, ears up  watching, listening maybe even preying on something, like we do our goals, our ideas, our purpose. I've realized that it's okay to listen more, observe more closely to my clients, prospects, just sit and learn, think to understand there needs so that I can be ready to leap, like a cat with solution's, programs, results, somewhat like Peanut, waiting for that one little bird.

In Peanuts case she can't get to every bird and we may not be able to get to every opportunity, but that doesn't stop her from sitting there for hours watching, thinking and dreaming. We too can keep watching, dreaming and thinking of what if, maybe tomorrow, next year, when my time comes, or we can act. I'm thinking if I opened the window Peanut would act and jump, but just for a short minute or two, it is 5 degrees out today as I write.

So in a "window seal" or a nutshell as some may say, it's time to keep watching, observing to learn, listening to understand, and when the opportunities come around take the risk, follow our passion, live aggressively and enjoy life just as Peanut does everyday. Sitting there looking out the window for that opportunity, the bird she can't get too, yet! There will be that sunny spring day again, it always follows winter, it's the seasons of life, and yes Peanut will be able to go out on her chain in the back yard as she's done for years now and wait for that opportunity to jump or climb the tree. Her day will come and your day will come, just keep watching, observing and listening and you will grow and opportunities will pass your way, life is good to all that look for the good.

Oh yes Peanut has a new box to climb in and out of daily, she's getting good at living life out of her box, what about you?

She wants to eat or play with her catch, I want to observe to learn, to grow, to be able too understand and offer more. So many times we go into meetings, interviews ready and loaded to lay out our ideas, plans and or answers, when we may gain more by observing, listening and asking questions to understand, to be in a position to add value. Peanut sit's at the window to dream of that little bird or whatever, we sit at the window to dream about our future, looking out at all the opportunities that await us as leaders, parents , customers, buyers, workers, looking for the right moment.

Live in the now, plan for tomorrow, dream of a awesome future and take some time looking out your window and make your dreams become ideas that can turn into action, Peanut recommends that you enjoy every second every day that you are given, and share a little love.


Peanuts dad, friend and"The Sales Development Pro" got to plug that in!

My mission is your success