Two books that have changed My Life.

Two Books that changed my life are the two Books that I have written, developed and authored. The creation of a Book is one awesome journey, the ideas that flow, the editing, the creative side of the interior and cover design. Another great opportunity is the “Inner Circle” you develop to help you along the journey. For me it was a personal transformation from the idea to the development process, it stretched me, forced me to reach out, learn and grow about the publishing piece of the Book.

I believe we all have a story and or experiences that can help others, entertain others and maybe even help you make a little dough along the way!

I work with people and organizations helping them increase their potential and results! I offer Motivational Keynotes and Interactive Workshops on Leadership, Sales, Communication Skills and Change. Discover how you can invite me to help inspire and motivate your people to their greatest potential, and have fun along the way.