Sales and Winning that Perfect Catch | Sales is About Results

If you’re in sales, and I must say in my eyes everyone is in sales, winning the perfect catch really brings it home for all the sales professionals that I’ve coached and trained over the years. Sales is all about results, and results are in the catch. I haven’t met any sales professionals that didn’t love the chase and the catch as well as the end reward. I believe that is a large motivator in the life of a sales professional; the tracking, connecting, presenting, overcoming objections, winning trust, feeling the deal coming together, these steps in the sales process are what really motivate successful sales professionals. The reward or pay at the end is all good, but the chase and the catch I believe to be the greatest reward. This is where sales professionals grow, learn and develop their skills and behaviors that help make great at what they do – Sales!


Just as the Eagle proudly soars with his catch, we as sales professionals feel and do he same! Don’t get me wrong the Eagle, same as we, need the reward at the end of the day, but the hunt, the chase, this is where the motivation lives, this is where you separate yourself from the crowd, this is where you become Eagles!

The 5 Eagle Strategies for Winning the Perfect Catch:

  1. Be pinpoint focused on your target!
  2. Fly where your catch awaits you!
  3. Dive deep when the timing is right!
  4. Soar at great heights to see the whole picture!
  5. Never give up on your catch, it takes time for the right catch and fit!

Larry Cockerel is a Motivational Keynote Speaker and Sales Training Specialist. Think of Larry for your next conference or sales training workshop. Larry helps your people increase their potential and results, inspire action and develops leaders!

The Eagle picture is by permission only, copyright of Frederick Thorne, professional photographer from Wisconsin.