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“Thanks for the great motivational program. We are living in interesting times, a year of great change, (whether we like it or not) we need all of the reinforcement and new ideas that we can get, thanks again!

-B.W. Stutzman, DuMar Company


Sales Development: (Selling Skills are about results!)

New Program: Program from  Sales Book coming out Summer 2012: It’s Closing Time! 123 Simple Strategies for Greater Sales Success Faster

It’s Closing Time; 5 Lessons on Achieving Greater Sales Success Faster

  • Motivational Sales Strategies; 7 Proven Techniques for Greater Sales Results


  • Conditioning Yourself for Greater Sales SuccessTM


  • How to Give a More Effective Sales Seminar; 4 Key Performance Driven Lessons


  • Mastering the Art of Servicing Your Customers


  • How to Maximize Your Sales Potential; 4 Laws that Impact Your Sales Strategies


Sales & Marketing: (For the Networking Professionals; Human Capital is Key to Your Success)             

  • Referral Based Marketing Strategies; Building Your Powerful Referral Marketing ProgramTM  

  • Mastering the Art of Networking; Achieving Greater Success with Your Personal and Professional Goals                                                                                                      

Leadership Development: (Leaders Value People more than Position)

New Program: Program for new Leadership Book, coming out Summer 2012: Define the Enemy; 5 Principles for Winning Your Battles and Developing Your People

Define the Enemy; 5 Strategic Lessons on Leadership Development (Leadership/Management Workshop Seminar)

  • How to Maximize Your Daily Potential; 7 Lessons on Enhancing Your Leadership Qualities


  • Dare to Grow Your Leadership Qualities; 5 Laws You Simply Must Activate for Greater Results


  •  Mastering the Art of Public Speaking; Developing Your Speaking Skills for Greater Effectiveness 


  • New Program: Winning With People; Five Lessons My Teachers Forgot to Teach Me!


Larry will share with your team, proven techniques, tips, and successful strategies, to help you maximize your potential and achieve your personal and professional objectives. With over 23 years of management, sales and training expertise, Larry’s programs are design to motivate the “Inspired Action” needed for greater results faster.


Don’t hesitate; contact Larry now for your next Sales Meeting or Conference, the bottom line is on the line!