Are you ready to get yourself in gear to make some new things start happening in your life today? I believe it's as simple as cooking breakfast or racking the leaves on a cool fall day in Wisconsin. I'm confident that you can get your motivation in gear and make a difference in your life starting right now.

The Dare to Grow Today Challenge is a simple but yet sometimes hard to implement concept, it takes will as well as skill. It's like going on a career interview for the first time, you can be a little nervous, unprepared, and not really sure what you want the outcome to be. It's not always the job you're looking to land, maybe it's the experience, the learned mistakes of doing a great interview, or maybe it's the job you're really after. The D2Gtoday Challenge is this, if you're willing, ready and able to challenge yourself today.

First, reflect for one hour not disturbed by anything, no phone calls, emails, text, tweeters, girl friends, boy friends, kids, nothing, I mean complete 100% solitude reflection time. That is you, a pen and a handful of blank white paper to make your notes. Reflect on the past year, and start writing, anything and everything. Note, special occasions, job intersections, family wins, career changes, business issues, personal challenges, wins, losses, setbacks, vacations, deposits, new relationships, new business connections, you get it, write it all down, this may take more than one hour, you may need to set a second time and date to pick-up where you leave off.

Write it all down, don't second think your thoughts, think it, write it!

Second, highlight in "yellow" all the good things that made a positive impression on your life over the past year, then highlight everything in "pink" that wasn't as good as the yellow experiences. Now count them up, do you have more yellow than pink, or more pink than yellow? What is it you need to be doing more of? The yellow is key, the things that have made a positive contribution in your life, the pinks are things that happen, maybe must happen, but not where we want to spend our major time. The key is not to spend major time on minor things, this is the majors and minors of life, don't spend major time on minor things.

Third, start listing all the things that you are good at, that you know you are great at and compare those to the "yellows' and begin doing things that help you get better at the things that you do good. It's important to your success in life that you spend your time on the major things that give you back a ROI of your time, skills and resources. Acknowledging your strength zones, the major areas that give you your greatest returns and focusing on these areas daily. This is what we call your "daily growth plan" (DGP) for short, your dare to grow challenge is about getting better at the things that you do best daily. Change is about today, changing something that you do daily, leads you to achieving your greatest life goals.

Fourth, make the decision to do something with what you have written down while on your "Reflection Time", it's important that you do something with your actions. Make this a "Inspired Action" not a "Required Action", set some short term weekly goals, then make the decisions regarding what needs to happen, change daily for you to achieve your short terms goals. Write out three goals for the week, three things that you want to get better at, that will help you grow with your lists of things that you are good at, so that you can get better.

The challenge is just to get better. Not that you aren't or that things aren't good, just get better at the things you do best. I know no one that was hired based upon the things that they don't do good, we get hired for the things that we do good, that we bring to the table. My challenge to you is that you set the plan to add value to your life daily so that you can add value to others. Dare to grow today, it's your choice, just one of the 2500 decisions that you make daily on average. I will look for your comments, success stories, questions, feedback, ideas, thoughts, what ever it is you wish to share.

Dare to Grow Today…