What's new with you in 2010? this is what I call a "high importance" question to your success, health, financial growth, and relationships.

My recommendation to you is to find a quite place. no cell phones, Blackberries, cats, dogs, HDTV's, get a pad and two ink pens, just in case one runs out of ink on you. Begin with your name at the top just like in school, and start reflecting on the year, you'll need a good 2-4 hours to complete this task, but it will be worth every minute of time invested. Start writing all the good things that occurred, new relationships, business developments, family things, financial opportunities that have crossed your path. Write it all down, don't second question your thoughts, discovery the new you through this process of "Reflecting".

The what's new with you in 2010, can be built from the current years activities, accomplishments, wins, losses, bumps, dirt roads and the smooth paved highways that you have traveled. Most of all the relationships, this is key to your success in 2010 and what's new with you. When you develop new relationships, you learn, you grow, new things begin to happen in your life, new connections, ideas and opportunities. You will be the new you in 2010 based upon the relationships you have. No one get's any where without the help of others, leaders are only as good as the people closest to them, their "Inner Circle" advisor's. We are who we are today by the people that have added value to our life, teachers, parents, friends, co-workers, husbands, wife's, children, don't think you can't learn from them.

While reflecting write out the person's name that added value to you in the current year, then beside that write out what they value, if you don't know go find out. Life is all about adding value to each other, and we can only add value to others when we understand what they value. This can be fun, connecting is a joy, exciting, you never know where a new relationship can take you. We all feel good when we know that we've helped another, get out there and make deposits in other peoples's life, that may be your what's new with you in 2010, adding more value!

Paint the picture for yourself, create the vision of what will be new in your life in 2010, new stuff is exciting, challenging, people want to connect with people that got things happening in there life. Maybe it's a new hair color, new glasses, different look all together, maybe it's a new career, a new start-up business, network marketing, a new home, new goals and new business plan. This list can go on and on all day, I do have to get to work soon. If it's been a few years since the last business plan was developed, sit down and look it over, what got you there may not keep you there, look at your marketing DNA, your website, your business cards, what can be updated, changed and or improved on for the New Year? How will you stand out in the business world in 2010, in the crowd, how will you be seen and heard?

What is it that you can do differently with your family? More time with the kids, cook more meals for your mate, date night once a month, don't loose focus of what got you there, the fun, the dating. What about having your family create a list of "what's new with the family in 2010?" come together, filter thought everyone's ideas no matter how old or young, everyone has a mind and ideas, dreams of a better year.

Well I must wrap it up for now, good thinking to you, and I wish you all a great year, please send me your thoughts on this subject, let's share.



The Sales Development Pro

A.K.A a Southern Guy living in the great white north!