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Motivational Development


  • Larry’s Law of Encouragement; The Three Keys to Encouragement (Motivational-Team Building)


  • It’s Closing Time! 5 Things You Simply Must Master for Greater Sales Success (Sales Development)


  • Conditioning Yourself for Greater Sales SuccessTM; 10 Tips to Get Highly Motivated (Sales, Motivation)


  • Aggressively Living LifeTM; Five Lessons on Living Life to Your Full Potential (Motivation)


  • Maximize Your Full Potential: 4 Simple Strategies on Enhancing Your Leadership Qualities (Leadership, Motivation)


  • Dare to Grow Today: 7 Things You Simply Must Do for Greater Results (Leadership Development) 


  • How to Stay Highly Motivated; 4 Principles on Making a Difference NOW! (Motivation)


  • Define the Enemy; 5 Principles on Winning Your Battles and Developing Your People (Leadership Development)


Exciting New Programs:

  • The “WHY FACTOR”; Six Reasons to Keep Living and Enjoying Your Gift of Life   “The Cancer Fighting Specialist” (Inspirational, Motivational)



Cancer Survivor Celebration August 5, 2011: Keynote


  • Winning with People; Five Lessons My Teachers Forgot to Teach Me!    “What took 12+ years now you get the secrets within 90 minutes” (Motivation, Leadership)


  • An Unforgettable Journey, C.A.N.C.E.R-and How it can to the bottom line! (Motivation, Business)

Helping people have fun while growing!


Larry will enthusiastically motivate and inspire your people to give their best and be their best, for greater success for your organization. Through his performance driven messages, Larry will help you have a great and rewarding experience at your next conference or sales meeting.


Larry S. Cockerel, the “Expert” on Aggressively Living LifeTM


Larry has motivated and educated groups from coast to coast, by using his humor and performance driven attitude, to enthusiastically motivate your people to be their best. Allow me to help you create a great experience for your people.