Yes, you read that right; failure to not buy is never the fault of the prospect”, as sales professionals we need to slow down and evaluate the experience!

In 99.9% of the prospects that are looking, seeking a product or service and or being quoted with proposals, they buy, the question is did they buy from you? This a BIG question, there are many sales professionals that would not like to answer that question or can give you excuse after excuse why they didn’t buy from them, but does that help you grow and get better for the next BIG DEAL? NO!

People buy, companies invest in new equipment and or services, it’s not their fault if they didn’t buy for you, it’s YOUR opportunity to discover why not, grow and develop yourself for the next deal. As a Sales Trainer I hear every story under the sun, why people didn’t buy, or the organization went a different path, a new vendor, a better deal, better pricing, better features, there are more reason than I can name if this short “Benefit Enriched” Blog Posting.

Allow me to share a 5 “Simple Strategies” to HELP YOU move closer to your next BIG DEAL:

  1. Did you really listen for the “Buying Reasons” or where you listening just for a YES?
  2. Did you PREPARE as well as YOU could have? Or did you just wing-it with a quick and plain quote?
  3. Where you working on BUILDING  a RELATIONSHIP or getting a deal? People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, remember this, very profound message!
  4. Are you growing as a sales professional or just staying the same? Sales Leaders are those that grow from every experience, and understand that they get paid by bringing value to the market place, not just a product or service.
  5. Do you have a mentor or coach to help YOU with your “PGP”, Personal Growth Program? In today’s crazy and very competitive world of sales and business development, YOU got to be a “WORK IN PROGRESS”  to be on your best game. Your customers only want the best of the best in you, not just a good price, they want the whole package!

Take these “5 Simple Strategies” and grade yourself, my purpose is just to add value to your personal and professional growth!

Good Selling to YOU!

The Sales Development Pro

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