Growing YOUR Potential, are you in?

As a Sales Trainer and Business Development Expert, I’ve found that many professionals go day by day on what they learned in the past, from past experiences and some just on what they think they know. All of this is good if you’re not looking to increase your value to yourself, your family, business and market place. It’s ALL good, but I hope that my readers are into personal and professional growth, and this is why.

I’ve discovered if you’re not on a path of personal growth and development you may get passed up on the deal, your next big promotion and an opportunity that awaits you just around the next corner. After many years of coaching and training others I’ve accepted the fact that unless I grow and change I’m limiting my potential and ability to add value to others and in my business this isn’t a good move! And I’ve got to bet that it isn’t a good move for you either. For some of you the New Year brings a new business and or marketing plan, maybe even a new sales forecast, P&L, or a dream that hasn’t fell in your lap yet.

Don’t wait for luck or hope, make growth and change a key piece of your upcoming business plan. Allow me to help YOU grow YOUR potential. Check out the 5 Growth Strategies for YOU to begin YOUR New Year out with, let’s just say this is my Holiday Gift to YOU!

5 Growth Strategies:

  1. If YOU want YOUR future to change, YOU have to change first; to really change and grow you must change something that you do daily. YOUR plan here is to write down 3 Things YOU know you need to “Let-Go” to make room for change. These 3 things are things that are holding  you back, consider the following ideas:
  • People; yes maybe there are people in your life that are holding you back, let them go, to move forward!
  • Habits; yes you just may have a few habits that are holding you back, maybe starting late or ending early!
  • Attitude; yes you may need an attitude adjustment about what you do, change your attitude -change your motivation!

2.  Don’t wish for things to get better, make them better; don’t wait for the winds, set your sail based upon experience or seek the wisdom and or direction you need for things to get better! Don’t wait for what you “think” the best time is, or when the “best” time will be to get better, start your “PGP” Personal Growth Plan NOW! Everything you need to get better is waiting for you to pick it up and read it, listen to it, hire the coach, find a mentor, go back to school.

3.  Develop YOUR Plan, plan to prepare, or plan to fail; Every professional, business and or organization needs some type of sales/marketing or business plan for what they want or need to achieve to maintain or increase their profitability. No matter if you’re a one person business (entrepreneur) you still need a plan, if you’re a small business owner with a small team or a you’re in charge of a big team a plan needs to be developed. Many professional’s don’t like the details or the planning, many hit the streets with hope and luck, and sure that is an option, not a good one, but still a option. Your plan doesn’t need to be difficult, two page plan is a great start, I’ve helped many professional’s develop a two page “Sales/Marketing Business Plan” with 6 key areas of focus, let me know if you need help in this area.

4.  Know YOUR strengths, grow YOUR abilities; I’ll keep them simple and straight, we ALL have strengths and weaknesses, and in many cases we are taught to work on our weaknesses, get better at what we don’t do well- LET IT GO! We don’t get paid by the things we don’t do well, we get paid by the things we do well- adding value to the market, your customers, and your company! I need my readers to manage their weaknesses, if there is a weakness that is holding you back from achieving your goals, then by all means work on it, fix it. Spend your time getting better at the things you do best, identify YOUR Top 5 Skills and go to work on increasing your value in these areas quickly!

3 Examples:

  1. Negoitating
  2. Communicating
  3. Networking

     5. Idenitfy YOUR rewards for Change and Growth; No one likes to change and do something for nothing, you must reward yourself for our change and growth. Change isn’t easy and most people don’t like it at all, it’s hard, demanding and takes responsibility. But change is okay, it’s going to happen no matter if you’re in the drivers seat or not. Growth is going to happen all around you, the question is are you going to be leading change and growth or be a follower? I say be a leader for change, grow to your greatest potential, it’s YOUR choice!

A few rewards you may consider:

  1. A Raise in pay!
  2. Your dream vacation!
  3. BIG Screen HDTV!
  4. New people in your life!
  5. More confidence in your abilities!
  6. More valuable in your markets!

It’s ALL about growing YOUR potential, increasing your value to home and the workplace. Don’t allow opportunities to pass by you, be prepared, grow to your greatest potential! it’s OKAY

Grow YOUR Potential

Let Larry know if you would like him to share with your team on increasing their value and moving towards their greatest potential in life. Larry offers workshops, seminars and keynotes to energize, motivate and inspire your people to action!