The 3 Key Sales and Marketing Tools for Greater Success:

  1. YOU
  2. Your Professionally Developed Business Card
  3. Your Referral Marketing Program

Sounds and looks pretty simple you might say? And you’re right, the only opportunity with that statement is very few sales professionals and business professionals master ALL three daily. This isn’t a part time job, sales and marketing is what generates returns and profits and builds solid businesses. Let’s start with number one, YOU

YOU, have to be a work in progress, developing your skills, networks, strategies and influence- DAILY! (This isn’t easy for many and the many are your competition internally as well as externally) Leverage your growth,  develop your potential daily.

Your Professionally Developed Business Card, branded by color, picture, email, phone, your name, use front and back, why waste relastate? (This isn’t easy for many, I’ve seen so many business cards that don’t tell me what I need, some with no email, no picture or pictures, and many with a blank back) Leverage your business card as your best friend, never leave home without them.

Your Referral Marketing Program, this is YOUR Pipeline to the future, this is the “difference maker” in your market, make it your priority to build your networks. (With all my sales and business training I find that a very small percent of professionals and businesses really have an active referral marketing program) Leverage this opportunity and build your networks and be the “Referral Marketer” connecting others through business and your rewards will follow!

I believe when you incorporate these three simple tools into your daily process, every day, you will see results and results is what the sales and marketing game is all about right? Build your professional image, build your pipeline and build a powerful business card that tells your story, benefits and makes it easy for people to find you.

Larry helps professionals maximize their potential through business development workshops, seminars and keynotes. As a professional speaker, trainer and coach for the John Maxwell Team, Larry helps add value through 6 programs from John C. Maxwell’s books and programs. Contact Larry and discover how he can help your team increase their potential.