Overcoming Sales Objections, we all get them, it’s just how you work through them that counts!

Objections, we all get them, they aren’t going anywhere, so the best thing every sales professional can do is get good at listening, preparing and mastering the art of overcoming objections through a few simple strategies.

  1. Are you up to change?
  2. Do you bet on yourself?
  3. Are you into personal growth?
  4. Do you think you got it all, heard it all and know it all?

If you answer “YES” to the first three we are good to go, if you answered  “YES” to the 4th question you got a problem, sales is going to be a tough haul for you I suggest counseling not sales training!:)

Motivating Sales Teams is What I do!

A few simple sales strategies for overcoming objections in sales:

We know that questions lead to the answers, right?

The better you can get with questions, and preparing for the questions then the less objections you may get.

We know that listening leads to opportunities, right?

The better you can get with becoming an aggressive listener, the faster you’ll hear what you need, to be the solution provider for your next client.

We know that objections are like roadblocks, right?

The better and faster you can get with seeing through the roadblocks and working around your obstacles, the faster you will increase your conversion ratio.

In most of my sales workshops, the number one (#1) Objection I hear and coach on is; Cost to much! However you may word it, Bid to high, the key is simple; maybe you haven’t shown enough value to be greater than your bid, or quote. The greater the value, the less of a concern the cost.

When you do run into the most common objection “Cost to much!” I’ll share three key words or should I say one simple question that can potentially stop this objection in its tracks, are you ready? Great then, read on…

Compared to what?

The magic to this question is in shutting up and listening, then back in the saddle with a few more questions and you just might be on your way to your next BIG profitable deal!

Objections. For some the toughest part of the game, the scariest thing they may face each day, but for Sales Leaders, Professionals who seek out the opportunities to grow and face the giant, you have great potential and growth ahead of you. In most of my sales workshops, my number one program: Let’s Talk Sales! We communicate on the Top 6 key Areas in Sales and guess which one is at the top? Objections, yes you got it right. Second place is Social Media & Sales, then we get into deep waters with; Conversion Rates, your “Q2C Ratio” Quote to Close Ratio.

Want more? Simply reach out and contact me for your next sales workshop, conference or have your sales team attend one of my public seminars on; Let’s Talk Sales!