The Greatest Management Principle in the World:

“People do what people see”

I bet you were thinking this seems to short to be the greatest management principle, short yes, but very important to your personal and professional growth.

As a sales and or business professional, manager or leader people do what they see you doing. If you’re in a position of management or leadership people are watching to see what you do as well as what you say to see if they line up. While doing leadership or team building this piece is always so important and in many times an “AHA” moment for many. On the other side on the coin in sales your customers are watching you to see what you do and if you’re going to do what you said you were going to do. Other sales professionals will watch you to see what they should be doing, your kids will watch you, your friends, family, they will be watching to see what you do so they know what to do.

You can see this principle at work every where you go kids doing what they see other kids doing, your pets doing what the other pet may do, your other associates watching to see what they should do, your competition is watching to see how it’s really done! To become a “Sales Leader” and a “Business Leader” in your world, you must walk your talk, do the right thing even when you think no one is watching.

Larry’s Success Tips to help you master the Greatest Management Principle in the World: “people do what people see”

  • Stay to your purpose, be true to yourself
  • Always do the right thing, no matter who may be watching
  • Be consistent with your motives, don’t zig-zag, walk the straight line
  • Be a person of value, that values other people
  • Be a trustworthy person, be a person of integrity
  • Be a “Life-Learner”, make growth intentional
  • Become a mentor or coach to others, lead by example
  • Be aware, somebody is always watching you
  • Live a life of Character, others will trust you
  • Be a person of conviction, always stand for what is right
  • Be a person of change, others will follow
  • You know they are watching, so lead!

I hope these Success Tips will help you along your journey of growth and leadership to maximizing your potential!

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