On Leadership, Valuing The Abilities in Others | Leadership 101

I’ve had the great opportunity to be Mentored by Dr. John C. Maxwell and the John Maxwell Mentor-Ship Team, and the greatest lesson I have learned through this process is; become a person of value that values others! Short and sweet, it’s ALL about valuing yourself first, investing in yourself to become more valuable then valuing others and helping others grow intentionally!

Valuing The Abilities in Others; Leadership 101 is simply a choice, and we are gifted to make choices everyday and the choices we make, make us in the long-haul. These 3 Principles may sound pretty simple to you, and I hope so because I’m a simple person, looking to deliver a simple message!

You ready to grow? Okay let’s get rolling…

Valuing The Abilities in Others; Leadership 101, The 3 Key Principles of Valuing Others:

  1. Having A Non-Judgemental Attitude: Resolve not to judge others because of their “Outward Perspective”, but from their “Inward Perspective”; who they are, what they bring to the table, their abilities an value as a person.
  2. Seek The Good: Be a person of value that seeks the value in others, look for their strengths, their “Value Proposition” and skills that give them their gift to the world. Help others maximize their potential and value!
  3. Promote Others: Help others stretch their abilities, skills and strengths, empower people to reach for their greatest potential. Become a person that influences growth and personal development! 

Today can begin a new day and a new life for you, and the first step is in taking charge of your ability of Valuing The Abilities in Others!

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