The 3 Key Business Building Strategies that Work: Are you ready to build on your business?

There is never a wrong time to revisit your business goals and strategies. To be in a continuous growth process it takes continually looking at your business objectives, goals and strategies that keep you moving forward. Are you ready to look at a few “Business Building Strategies” that can help you grow your business?

As a Business Development Strategist and training specialist I’ve found over the years that the businesses that have the right leadership that are intentional about growth are growing in their business outward are leaders in their markets!

The 3 Key Business Building Strategies:

  1. Growth begins within and then works it’s way out to your markets: You’ve got to have growth planning in place with your people, technology, marketing ideas and processes, to grow within first (transformation). Develop not only your Forecast/P&L Planning, but bring in your key people and build a real growth plan for the organization. Different minds offer different ideas, it’s not about positional thinking but growth thinking that counts!
  2. Growth begins when you visit your customer satisfaction report card (scorecard): To be a business of intentional growth, you’ve got to know how you’re doing with the most important piece of the puzzle – YOUR CUSTOMERS! If you haven’t done so yet what a great time to begin. Go ask your customers how you’re doing, just be prepared you may not always like the answers, but that’s also where intentional growth can begin!
  3. Growth begins with your people the culture of your business: If your business is intentional about growing it must start with your people. Have you outlined a budget for professional development for the year? Are you prepared to invest in your people, maybe is the first question to ask? Also remember you may have to make some adjustments in your team, sometimes people need to move up and move out for your business to grow!

The 3 “E”s of Sales Leadership

You now have a strategic insight for you to begin your “Business Growth Strategies” for the year and moving forward. Always remember, a business growth plan (BGP) is much better than no plan! You can always work on getting around to it, or you can just make growth intentional, gather your team and grow! And if you need some help, hello my name is Larry Cockerel and I do offer “Performance Coaching”and “Strategic Planning”services your way.

Larry Cockerel works with people and organizations to help them increase their potential and results. Larry offers Motivational Keynotes, interactive workshops, and all it takes is an email or call to discover how you can invite Larry to your next event.