The Business Building Academy (The BBA) meets 2nd Friday of every month to bring professionals together to learn, grow and network. The BBA provides experts and or professional speakers that share and add value on topics that help you grow both personally and professionally.

March 14th The BBA brings to you; Branding and Your Message | Motivational Lessons Unplugged | Wear GREEN and YOU could be the BIG WINNER! Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Gig | You have the chance to be 1 out of 10 people that will share a motivational lesson they have learned that just might help another person or change a life, are you one of those people?

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You can’t beat the opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals that are hungry to grow and build their business, networks and reach for their greatest potential. The power of The Business Building Academy (The BBA) is in the members and the value that the experts bring each month. For the investment of a few dollars and a couple of hours a month you have the power of intentional growth knocking on your door right now, are you ready?