Making yourself more valuable, brings greater value to your personal life as well as professional life. Being that this is a decision, let's make the decision to get moving on this subject. Many decisions are made daily, some major and then some minor, at times it's easy to spend major time on minor things. When it comes to making yourself more value I recommend spending major time on major objectives, like daily growth.

Loyality is an asset, and being loyal to making yourself more valuable is the same as increasing your assets. I will share four key prinicples that are simple to implement and can help you make a difference in your life by making yourself more valuable. The more valuable you are the more money you can make, the more people will want to be around you and the more referral business you will gain through these relationships. There's a couple of benefits for you to increase your value, and trust many there are many more, better personal relationships, better parents, more effective leaders, teachers, mentors you can be. the benefits go on and on and on. It's an endless pipeleine of wealth.

Enough selling you on the subject allow me share with you the four key principles, get your pen and paper and begin writing right now.

1> Read daily; reading allows you to learn more, the more you learn the more you can share, the more opportunities you have to share the more others will want more. You become a valuable mentor to one or more your call. First question is, what are your  major strengths? Second question is, what are you reading to enhance your strength zones? Invest in your value proposition, invest in yourself daily by reading. It's been said that the more you read, the more you know, and the more places you can go!

2> Ask Questions; Learn, learn and learn more by asking questions and listening to understand not to respond. The more questions you ask the more you will discover about yourself and the person or topic you are asking about. It's been said that questions are the answers, ask and you shall receive, if you talk to much you can't ask enough questions. It's okay to be a better listener than a better talker, a good conversation is about learning, you learn by listening and asking questions. How do you get to know more about people you come into contact with? Ask questions and learn, then find who you can connect them with to help add value, this make you very valuable, as a connector. Plus it shows true interest in the other person. A excellent way to win with people, which in return makes you more valuable to them and others.

3> Observing; There is sight and then there's insight, you gain in both areas by observing others, places and things. When you observe with sight, it's with your eyes, when you observe with insight it's with your mind, your intuition, your abilities, sight helps you see things insight helps you develop and create things. It's simple to become more valualbe by observing all situations daily, observe, ask questions and your value will increase before your eyes. Observe what others do, how they walk, what there office looks like, their likes and dislikes, the color of your customers eyes, the colors that they wear, you can learn so much just by observing others, you can become more valuable to others by observing and discovering things about other people, excellent tool for sales professionals, the ability to observe.

4> Experiences; Evaluate your experiences, learn from your mistakes, miss shots, relationships. Experience is good, but much more valuable when evaluated, reflected upon and action connected with the experiences makes the difference. Past experiences are great, but when though about and acted upon these experiences become learning objectives, opportunities for personal growth, which adds value and make you more valuable to others. Life offers us all many opportunities to fall and each one is a great experience to grow and get better, and add value to who you are, it's a great thing to hit the wall, fall off the wagon, wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Each action requires a reaction, a time to grow to worth more than the day before.

My recommendation to you is lead a "value-added life" daily by adding value to your life through these four key principles. Make a decision today that you will look for ways to add value to your strength zones, learn to read more, observe as much as you can and ask as many questions as possible, and take these experiences and grow with them. I look for your feedback and success stories on how you add value to your life and others, it's our purpose in life to be valuable to our purpose and others.