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Larry helps people and organizations maximize their potential by sharing from more than 23 years of leadership management, sales training and business development experience with his clients. Larry's mission is your success, by adding value, ideas and proven strategies to your winning game book.

"The Leadership program will be remebered as a success by those who attended. Your contribution as a presenter will help our Leaders perform their jobs better." – Team Schierl Companies

"Your ability to connect with such a wide variety of our customers sets you apart in the world of keynote speakers. No matter what their business model looks like, you were able to customize an interactive approach that allowed all to be engaged and fully vested in the seminar."

-Pat Ford, Director of Sales and Marketing, Hellenbrand, Inc.


Program Keynote: Three keys of Encouragement; Inspire, Compliment and Acknowledgement


After I've had some time to think about the conference, the highlight turned out to be standing next to you up front with my tongue tied in knots. I joined Toastmasters out of fear. I used to stutter and my biggest fear is that the training in speech therapy couldn't stand up the pressure of standing in front of a group of people. You allowed me the privilege of getting eye-ball to eye-ball with my giant fear, experience brain-freeze, but discover I didn't disintegrate. I can't say it was fun, but it was transforming. Freedom to fall on my face, then rise again to do better next time is within the realm of possibilities. Success can be mine even if I enter by the back door and wander down a twisted hallway to get there! I've already shared this revelation with my writer friends while doing an educational talk yesterday and plan to pass it along to fellow Toastmasters when I give my speech "Peeved" next Wed. Thanks for the opportunity to grow.

 Susan Engebrecht- Writer, Toastmasters International

You did, indeed, hit a home run!  Your message was direct, actionable, and was being demonstrated broadly by folks who experimented with it at the conference.  It’s a powerful thing when words inspire  action—mission accomplished!

Larry Cockerel “The Encouragement Guy” shared a message of hope and encouragement—integrating our Toastmaster District 2010 theme into a special keynote presentation to kickoff our Fall Conference.  Larry drew upon ideas and inspiration from his personal cancer recovery experience, smoothly integrating personal experiences from engaged conference participants.  His simple, yet powerful message to inspire, compliment, and acknowledge moved attendees to act on that advice, enhancing the whole conference experience.

Very best regards,

Jim K.

Lt. Gov. Education & Training

District 35 Toastmasters


"As the expert on "Aggressively Living Life"  Larry will motivate and inspire your people to be the best they can be.



My Mantra: Encourage Change

My Mission: My mission is your success

My Vision: help people and organizations maximize their potential by adding value to their vision, mission and values

My 4 Key Values:

Relationships "Profitable"

Success "Achievements"

Trust "Intergity"

Learning "Personal Growth"


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*Exciting New Keynote Program, visit Keynote page: Six Resaons to Keep Living and Enjoying Your Gift of Life   from the "Cancer Fighting Specialist"