Step right up to the greatest and most rewarding process this life has to offer- the art of selling!

With the art of selling you journey through the process from facts to benefits, to advantages into the emotional buying habits to helping, guiding, overcoming, enriching others and serving. The sales process has been in operation for thousands of years, from the caveman selling another on the best cave to dwell, to Moses selling the idea that the floods were coming, to mom's selling their kids on when and why to clean their rooms.

From the ancient days to the great western frontier, someone has been selling something. From self-help books to cook books, too how to get rich books, selling ideas have kept this world evolving and growing. The Process, handed from one person to another, from the hand shake to the legal contract, selling has always been away of life. Not much is eaten, worn, drove, rode, watched, touched, smelled or listened too that was not on the sales table at sometime or another.

From an idea, to the planning stages, to the factory, the shelf, the sales process has traveled. The sales process isn't a bad thing, it's not all about the "used car salespeople" it's really good for all. If it can be thought-up, written-up, drafted, manufactured, marketed and then sold, it can change a life, put people to work, a shirt on your back and food on the table, kids through college and a nice nest egg for your future. Just because a sale was completed, many things happened, and it's all in the sales process, the steps to success. It's not the "close" of the sale that makes the difference, it's the "opening" of an opportunity through the sale that makes the difference.

The Process works! Sales is a simple and rewarding process of helping people not selling to people. To master the art of selling, you must master the art of the process. As the "Sales Development Pro", my mission is to help sales professionals maximize their sales potential by mastering the sales process. Your free tip of the day is; simply master the process and your rewards will follow!

If you need help call me, let's have some sales talk. Good selling to you!

The Sales Development Pro