Making A Difference On Purpose:

I believe we are all design for greatness, we all have the potential to make a difference on purpose, not accidental!

This is my message to the world, you can make a difference, it may be at home, your workplace, within your community, your networks, somewhere in the world there is someone who needs you. They need what you have, those special ingredients that define who you are, what you do and where you’re going. We all have very special skills, values and characteristics that make us who we are, no other person has been designed like you. Sure there are people in the world that have skills somewhat like you do, ideas and work experience. But I can guarantee you this, there is no one that can do them exactly like you do, with the same passion and purpose. This is what makes you very unique and one that can “Make A Difference On Purpose”!

Following are 5 Tips on Helping You Make A Difference On Purpose, to be your own Motivational resource. Resolve today to motivate yourself to be a person that’s on a mission of Making A Difference On Purpose!

5 Tips on Making A Difference On Purpose:

  1. Your Personal Growth: To make a difference you’ve got to begin inside, it’s an “Inside Out” deal! Make growth intentional in your daily life. Making A Difference On Purpose, begins with you. Being a person with a purpose of daily change and development.
  2. Your Home Base: How do you begin to work outside your Inner Circle? You begin at Your Home Base, with your family and close friends. Begin Making A Difference On Purpose with your Inner Circle, add value, encourage, praise the good, seek out opportunities to help others close to you become more valuable with a purpose.
  3. Your Work World: This can be the place that helps you extend your purpose beyond you to the world. You’re mastering your own personal growth and helping your Inner Circle, and now you’ve stepped out into your Work World to Make a Difference On Purpose. You help others, you listen, learn and be a person of value that values others. Make your purpose about being a thoughtful and helpful person on a mission to make a difference!
  4. The World: This is where it can get really confusing for some and over whelming. Only because we may make it bigger than it is. Making A Difference On Purpose in the REAL World, the BIG World, is really quite simple, it begins with making a difference with one person. Maybe a total stranger on the street passing you by, or the cashier at your local grocery store. It may only take a smile, a thank you, a hello, it may not even be the person you’re communicating with that the difference happens, it maybe someone watching, standing in line, what they see is someone who cares, is nice and thoughtful. This maybe the act that motivates another to make a difference in someone elses life by your actions. Making A Difference On Purpose becomes a habit, it becomes who you are, remember it all starts with you!
  5. Your Cause, Your Legacy: How will you be remembered when it’s time to depart? Making A Difference On Purpose, can go beyond you, your Inner Circle, Your Work World and The World, from your deep inspiring Cause and Legacy. A purpose for a cause, for us it’s the American Cancer Societies; Relay for Life, we share our story, our books that we hope will help others. Our legacy is to make a difference in the lives of others through our programs and products. Yours maybe through a foundation, your children, whatever it is, have a cause and build on your legacy with purpose!

I know there’s a lot of content here, but on this subject it can be a whole book, hold up it is and will be. I hope that you find these 5 Tips On Making A Difference On Purpose helpful to you and help you find clarity and a road map for defining your purpose and making a difference on purpose along your journey in life.

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