Have you ever found yourself facing that big obstacle or mountain in your life? Sure you have, I’ve got to believe all my readers have at some time in their life, and like me many times.

Motivation is about moving, keeping yourself on track and reaching for your goals, dreams and desires. What I’ve discovered the more I reach for the more obstacles come my way. Obstacles can be found in many shapes, colors, faces, attitudes, relationships, etc… Just like taking a trip or vacation you can run into obstacles, road blocks, detours, weather issues, flat tires, bad food, you get it. For me I’ve come across many obstacles some big like Mt. Everest, mountains that seem to big for me to climb alone. So I needed others in my life to help me face my obstacles and mountains in life.

Lesson (1) We need other people, that support our ideas, goals and vision to help us along.

Cancer in 2009 became a big mountain for me to climb. What I discovered at that time in my life, motivation as very key, my attitude and building the right “Cancer-Fighting Team” to help me climb this mountain and keep living my best life. My attitude was my ace, my attitude about the treatments, the surgery and trusting in the team to help my fight and climb at the same time.

Lesson (2) We need to have a great and positive attitude about the obstacle (mountain) we face in life.

Back in my early years, I found myself in a not so good relationship, and this became a big obstacle to my motivation, goals and professional development. The relationship was on a no where road if you know what I mean? Finding yourself in a not so good relationship can really mess you up, your thinking, your attitude and your focus. I know it did for me, so I had to let it go, move on, remove the obstacle in my life to keep growing and searching for the right person that complimented me and me them.

Lesson (3) W need to learn to let go of relationships that aren’t good and healthily for us, we need to learn to move on.

Work it, don’t stop living your best life and keep an eye out for those obstacles (Mountains) in life that hold you back from living to your greatest potential!

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