It's your time, 2010 has arrived and I'm here to help you do a few things. Make more money, have more time for your family and fun stuff, build a stronger sales team, and help to develop your leadership team to be the best that they choose to be.

Yes it's your time as well as it's my time. It's time to pull the weeds and plant the seeds. it's time to develop new sales plans and encourage leadership qualities to expand and multiply. It's time to think right and get right with what we want to achieve in 2010. If we get behind the ole' eight ball in Q1, it get's really hard to pull out mid-year forecast plans. Now is the time!

Here you go "3 Common Sense Wealth Building Tips" free of charge. Take it, use it, abuse it, and grow with it. Oh yes, if you would like for me to help add more value to your teams, you know how to get in touch with me, heck you're here already, just send me note or give me a call.

1>Live on less than you make: sounds simple right? If you're already upside down, then let's turn you right side up with a plan. Develop your business plan now for 2010, you don't have to own a business to create a business plan. You have income and expenses, that's just like a business, revenue and expenses.

2>Learn to be mindful about your money: think first, don't live on plastic. Is what I'm buying a want or a need? Should I or shouldn't I? Think first, don't spend money just to impress someone, don't buy what you can't afford to just pay for, and reduce those credit card purchases starting right now.

3>Build your rainy day fund: Let me tell you, it's going to rain and rain hard at times. I've been in floods up to my neck without a "rainy day fund" to get me through the hard times. Start a savings account and add a little every week, if you have a thousand dollars start with that. Add each week, reduce the "want" spending a turn it into savings. Think 3-6 months worth (cash) to get you through the storm. A dollar a day adds up real fast, it's like living like an ant, compounding. The ant works daily to store and bring back to the "nest egg". What's your nest egg look like today? Start today, build so one day you can spend without worry and stress.

Today is the day to begin living these 3 common sense wealth building tips, I believe you can do it, and by doing you can enjoy life with a little less stress and worry. That means you can eat more desserts.

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