Let’s talk Sales! Are you ready for greater sales results?

Throughout my life’s journey, I haven’t came across  anyone that hasn’t been involved in a Sales process at some time or another in their life. So as I see it; Everyone is in Sales! Selling is a simple process. Maybe not everyone is in a Sales position, or has a Sales title, but somehow everyone is impacted by selling.

Sales: Everyone is in it. The 3 Key Reasons that Makes Sales Simple and that Make a Difference:

  1. Answers; the ability to offer the right answers, that lead to winning solutions
  2. Adding Value; the ability to add value beyond expectations – intentionally
  3. Recognition; the ability to help other recognize the value and gain recognition as a solution providing partner

I know you’re thinking this all sounds and looks to simple, and you’re right, that’s why very few get it and Master the Sales Process. There are approximately 14 million Sales Professionals in American alone. But not all master the sales process, because they make it more about them, the deal, commission, the race, and their own personal objectives. For those Sales Professionals (Sales Leaders) that can drive breakthroughs and move from me to them, the rewards are much greater.

Sales; Everyone Sales Something. The key is understanding your potential has not been tapped; you are not reaching a level of destination, not in sales. Customers and clients are looking for the right answers, value in the relationship and recognition for making the right decisions regarding their purchase. Selling is an emotional action, decisions are made, risks are at hand and hopefully in the end they’ve received that right answers from YOU!

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