Making Every Professional Meeting a Purpose Meeting:

You may be thinking to yourself, yes, I do this, so what’s the point? Great question, the point is in the process of getting better, increasing your potential to give and gain more from your professional meetings. So how do I get better with my professional meetings you maybe asking?

Let’s start with; PURPOSE, the purpose must be greater than the time invested. If you’re scheduling a professional meeting with your referral marketing partner to share referral leads, then PREPARATION is key to the success in this meeting. Allow me to share a few bullets on the topic of PREPARATION:

  • Don’t show up unprepared, better to reschedule for another day, don’t be a time waster of our time or your referral partners time
  • Prepare your list of questions to better understand their products, service or what makes for a great referral.
  • Make your purpose greater than your reward; your purpose is to serve, help add value and to increase their business
  • Don’t become a “Professional Visitor” just using up time looking busy; activity isn’t always progress!

What if you’ve got a professional meeting scheduled with a prospect you’ve been working with? Your PURPOSE is key here to your success, let’s look at a few bullets on PURPOSE:

  • Your purpose driven message is key at this stage of the meeting; how can you help and add value to their problem, opportunity and bottom-line?
  • Your purpose needs to be greater than your motives; the purpose is about helping your client not selling to your client.
  • Being a purposeful person, listening to learn and understand; not a salesperson looking to land the deal, talking more than listening
  • Purposeful questions that can help lead you to the “Discovery Zone”to help you offer more solutions for greater outcomes; becoming a person of value to your prospect, will separate you from the crowd.

Your time spent in any professional meeting with customers, associates, employees, team-members, networking partners, prospects needs to be focused to a “PURPOSE MEETING”. One that adds value to both parties, doesn’t waste time, builds on the ROR (Return on Relationship), helps to clarify, beneficial, helpful, trustworthy, clear and defined, prepared before-hand, and fun and inviting. To many times we’re in the meeting to be in a meeting, to many organizations have to many meeting to have meetings, we connect with others sometimes just to connect and look busy. PLEASE STOP! Make every professional meetings a purpose meeting!

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