Big question, very important question to all my readers that are in the dynamic world of sales, what's your sales plan for the day?

I would suggest that you ask and answer before you ever hit the road running. My guess is your V.P. of Sales, President of your Company and your Sales Manager would like to know what your answer is too your question. If you are all the above and the sales professional all rolled up in one package you really need to have a answer to that question. If you are hitting the road running on hope, luck and wishing for a referral you are in for a very long day. I'm hoping my reads are not not flying by the seat of they pants (whatever that means!) I always fly in a plane in a seat strapped in, I don't know about you.

Let's see if I can add value with respects to the question; what's your sales plan for the day?

Who is it you are targeting today?

What is it you'll be offering this prospective client?

What is your story with the product ot service you'll be offering?

Where is it you'll be doing your BIG presentation? At the clients office, Starbucks, your office, etc…?

When will this go down? morning, noon or afternoon? Will this be over lunch and if so where? Your choice or your clients choice?

What will you offer that will set you a part from the competition?

How will you earn your clients trust during this interview time?

How will you prepare your presentation? Handout, power-point, referral testimonies, written proposal, pictures, etc…?

How will you complete your pre-approach work?

How much time is your client or prospect giving you for this meeting?

How will you know when you need to wrap it up?

How will you know if the timing is right to ask for the business?

Why are you looking to earn this customers business?

What's in it for this prospect to do business with you versus the competition?

Why do you think you are ready for the appointment?

What will happen if the prospect doesn't elect to do business with you?

What are the benefits of doing business with you, not your company, not your product or service but you?

Okay sales pro's take some time with these questions and get ready for your next interview with your next prospective client. Top performers, prepare, prepare and prepare again, to make sure that they have done their homework, worked for the client to prepare the best proposal and benefits of moving forward to a profitable working relationship for both of them, not just getting the "deal"!

What's in your sales plan today?

Good selling to you and i look forward to your feedback and success stories.

The Sales Development Pro