Leading Change; The 6 Dimensions of Vision

The tasks of bringing together an appropriate direction for any organization can be complicated by many of the dimensions of developing a vision.

Leaders require the following 6 Dimensions of Vision:

  1. Foresight: judging how the vision fits into the environment that the organization may evolve.
  2. Hindsight: the vision doesn’t violate the traditions and culture of the organization
  3. Worldly View: to interpret the impact of new developments and trends
  4. Depth Perceptions: the ability to see the whole picture in detail and perspective
  5. Revision: all visions previously developed are reviewed as the environment changes
  6. Peripheral Vision: that the possible responses of the competition and other stakeholders with the new direction can be comprehended

 “For Leaders this is like, a kind of magic, to assemble and clearly articulate vision of the future!”  

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