Targeting Your Dream Clients:

The race is on, the green flag has been waived, your 2013 journey to greater results has begun!

Let’s PAUSE for a moment I do have a few questions to ask before you restart your race to greatness for the year.

  1. Do you know where you’re going? So you drafted your ROAD MAP to SUCCESS, great then…
  2. Have you developed your PLAN of ACTION to get you there, or where ever it is you’re going? Excellent then…
  3. Have you ‘LET-GO” for all the stuff that could hold you back from achieving your greatest results? Wonderful we’re almost ready…
  4. Have you identified your “DREAM CLIENTS” for 2013 on paper? Awesome now we’re ready for lift-off!

Now that we’ve covered all the work, planning and preparation, you’re ready for your best year ever, I hope!

The key to this race, this challenge you’ve set yourself out on, is really knowing who your “DREAM CLIENTS” are, those that can bring the greatest return, reward and referrals your way. Who are these folks, they are the clients that you dream about, you say things like; if I only had XXXX as a client my life would be…, or, my dream client will help me to…,or, these clients will be the benchmark from my success!

Your “DREAM CLIENTS” are those that you need to spend 80%, of your time with, helping, caring for, building your greatness through. These are the accounts that will promote you, lift you to greater heights, give you joy and satisfaction for earning their business.  These are the people that help you develop your skills, they help you grow and get better, they extend themselves to you through their referral networks, life get’s so much better because of these special clients! Winning these clients proves to others you are worthy, a person of value that bring value to others, they give you new opportunities.

Why would you not want to identify your “DREAM CLIENTS” before you begin your 2013 race to greatness?

If you haven’t yet, it’s not to late, my recommendation is this: find a quite place, pad and pen, or your PC or Pad and think of all those “DREAM CLIENTS” that you would really like to earn, write their names down, Google search for information, then get to work!

Larry helps his “DREAM CLEINTS” inspire and motivate their people to action, encourages change and growth through his Keynotes, Workshops and Products. Allow Larry to help you motivate your people this year at your next conference or professional development day.