The Three Ways of Getting More Sales:

My purpose with this posting is to keep it short and sweet. If you’re in sales and or a business selling something this article maybe just right for you, The Three Key Ways of Getting More Sales.

If you offer a service or product for sell to provide a solution, then you’re in the business of selling!

There are always many ways to getting to where you want to go and in sales it’s hitting your forecast, your go-get number, building more customers and helping to generate profit for your company or the organization you represent. So my job as a Sales Trainer and Business Strategist is to give you information to help you achieve your goals and build your business. So let me give to you now!

The Three Ways of Getting More Sales:

  1. Sell More to Current Customers: Discover how you can sell more to your current customer base, so many times we get stuck just with the sell, not looking beyond to other services or products that we may be able to offer our customers. Examples; Consumables, Extended Contracts or Services, Related Item Selling. Always seek out new ways to offer more services to your current customers, they are your foundation, so build on it!
  2. Get More New Customers: Discover where and how to go find new customers, build a strategic new customer plan by working off current customers and new start-ups and new territories. Don’t just settle with what you got, don’t get lazy when times are good, customers need you. Go find them, they are out there!
  3. Build More Business By Referral: Discover how to really build a “Referral Pipeline” of prospects and new customers through your networks and current customer base. I hear many times that this takes to long, to much work, tried it, didin’t work. There is always a great excuse for something that may push us out of our comfort-zone. I’ve worked with many professionals and businesses showing them that it’s a journey not a quick-get-rich process and it’s really quit simple and rewarding! Nothing great is achieved alone, build your networks.

The first key to managing these three key ways of getting more sells is having the right mind-set, meaning, a customer focused mind-set not to just sell, but helping your customers grow in their relationship with you and their business in general. Remember the famous statement by Zig Ziglar;You can get everything in life you want, IF, you help enough other people get what they want first” make it your purpose to help your customers grow and by doing so you’ll see the growth in your own business!

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