Goal Achievement Success:

Goals or Growth, what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

If you’re goal oriented you are focused to the short term wins, which is okay and part of the process of getting where you want or need to go in life.

Example: If I was going to walk to Green Bay Wisconsin from my home base in Cedarburg Wisconsin, a good 100 miles or so, 1.45 hr drive on a good day, and I take 10 steps a day, rest, sleep over and get up and take another 10 steps every day I will get to Green Bay someday! The steps of achieving my goals successfully, means doing the things I need to do daily to get where my vision leads me.

If you’re growth oriented you are focused to the long term, growing through your goals, growing intentionally to get to where you want to go and be in life, your life purpose and destiny comes from daily growth. Both are required in life to get to where you’re going, goals and growth they do go hand in hand. But you can set goals and hit them without growing to your greatest potential, but you can’t grow with out daily goals to help you succeed in your growth plan.

Here’s a great quote for you to think on:

“You want to set a goal that is big enough that in the process of achieving it you become someone worth becoming” – Jim Rohn

5 Tips to Help You Along The Process of Goal Achievement Success:

  1. Be Specific with Your Goal; Growth isn’t accidental, You have to choose to want to grow!
  2. Make it a Measurable Goal; What gets measured get’s done, and growth happens because action happens!
  3. Develop Your Action Plans; Change and growth occur when you change something you do daily- Your Daily Goals Action Plan
  4. What is Required of You; Define what’s required of you to achieve your goals and growth plan!
  5. Goals must have a Time Line; Timing is everything, a deadline requires action, and growth doesn’t happen overnight!

Goal Mastery is really about Self-Motivation, Growth Mastery is about Motivational Development, dev

Larry Speaking on Goal Achievement Success

elopment is for the long haul. Everyone has goals at home, work, within their networks and communities, with family and friends, and everyone has the opportunity to grow in life and become the best that they can be, it’s about choices! Larry works with people and organizations to help them increase their potential and results!

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