“LEAN” Mean Simple Sales Strategy

This is Larry’s “LEAN” Mean Simple Sales Strategy from his newest Book; Closing Time! 123 Simple Strategies to Achieve Greater Sales Success, and a great one at that!

Okay let’s get moving along, enough shameless self-promoting! Hello my name is Larry, The Sales Development Pro, and a Sales Professional.

The meaning of “LEAN” to help Sales and Business Professionals Achieve Greater Sales Success.

LEAN | Simple Sales Strategy:

LEARN as much as YOU can about YOUR Customers; before you go into Sales Mode!

ENGAGE your Prospect or Customer in the Interview; with the right questions and preparation, don’t just sell!

ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING when making a first impression; always be on your best game!

NEVER forget the most important person in the Interview, Meeting or Proposal Process – YOUR CUSTOMER!

Learn, Engage, Your Attitude, and most important Never forget it’s ALL about your Customer, keep your focus on them not you. If everything is done right and you’ve earned the right for the business you sought after, then your reward will follow. Simply put in other terms; Always make your contribution greater than your reward!

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