After many years of sales development, sales training, coaching and mentoring, I’ve discovery what I title the “Three A’s” of Effective Salesmanship. I’ve also come to accept the more I can share and give as “no-fee” (free) take-a-ways, the better I get by helping more sales professionals increase their “Closing Time!”

So here you go, have a check up from the neck up and determine if the “Three A’s”  are all about you!

  1. Ambition; that burning desire to get up and get moving, growing, connecting and selling. No holding back, no matter the weather, economy, what others may be saying, or what side of the bed you wake up on. Ambition to succeed everyday.
  2. Ability to communicate; everyone communicates but few connect! Great book by John C. Maxwell, and also a program that I’m certified to train through the John Maxwell Team of Trainer, Coaches and Speakers. We can all talk, but we all aren’t good at listening to understand, communication is a two way street, and those that allow the prospect and or customer to do most of the talking are on their way to greater sales success.
  3. Ability to connect; great sales professionals have the ability to connect with others, they are approachable, freindly, caring and simple. There is no way you can win your race alone. You, we, need others and the ability to connect and grow our pipeline of resources allows you to grow your sales forecast and success.

There you go, read them again and chart your course for greater sales success. The “Three A’s” are key to your success as sales professionals, I’ve watched and measured these three qualities for years and I know they can and will make a difference in your sales life. Master them if you will.


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Larry Speaking on Goal Achievement Success